Gloucester MA Motel Covid-19 Safety Protocol



Guest Safety
*Hand sanitizer stations will be provided at the Inn entrances. Please sanitize.
*You may request maps, menus, and area attraction information at the front desk.
*All high touch surfaces will be sanitized through out the day and night. As well as the tables and chairs on the property.
*Due to the additional cleaning we are unable to accommodate Early Check In and Late Departure requests.
Cape Ann Motor Inn Staff Safety
*We will be practicing social distancing with our guests and each other (Handshakes and hugs will be virtual only! You will have to imagine our smiles behind our masks when we are so happy to see you.)
*Our office area will also be sanitized and aired out regularly.
*In addition to our usual detailed cleaning and sanitizing procedures, Housekeeping will also wipe down all high-touch areas (light switches, doorknob, ect) with disinfectant as part of our normal servicing and cleaning. Entire room will be sanitized prior to arrival.
Housekeeping and Amenities
*Housekeeping is now UPON REQUEST. It may be requested at check in or the day before service is needed.
The room must be vacant of guests when staff are cleaning.
*Keep in mind Housekeeping hours end at 3:00 pm
*Upon check in guests will receive a plastic bag to put dirty towels in. Guests can leave the bags outside their door for pick up. Clean towels will be left at their door later in the day.
*If you need any additional amenities such as shampoo, soap, tissues, or coffee supplies you may request them from your housekeeper or call the front desk. As always the front desk can assist you with any needs you may have.

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